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Bell Helicopter

Since its founding in 1935, the Bell Aircraft Corporation has been a leader in the vertical lift industry, being the first to obtain a commercial helicopter certification. In its long history, Bell has supplied customers around the world with more than 35,000 aircraft. 

Hawker Pacific is proud to offer new and used Bell helicopters for sale in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Hawker Pacific is excited to promote the long-awaited, highly-anticipated, next-generation JetRanger - the Bell 505 - Bell Helicopter's new, single light twin helicopter to seat four passengers. On the other end of the scale, Bell Helicopter's new 525 Relentless will seat up to 20 passengers.

The company also supplies the Bell 206, 407, 412, and 429 models. The Bell 206 is available in the 206B and 206L, both of which deliver great value performance in the 7-seater size. Also available in 7 seats is the Bell 407GXP, a sports car of a helicopter. Bell Helicopter,s latest twin-engine Bell 429 has set new industry standards. Our most popular helicopter for its safety, cost, and versatility is the 412EPi, which seats 15. 

In addition to sales, we also offer Bell helicopter maintenance and refits from convenient bases throughout the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. These bases can accommodate a range of requests, including heavy and line maintenance, special mission fit-out, structural repairs, and trouble-shooting. 

At Hawker Pacific, our sales and service is part of an ongoing relationship with our clients. When you partner with us, you’ll always have someone to help in the case of breakdowns or when you need to upgrade your aircraft.

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For Bell helicopter sales in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world, please contact your local Hawker Pacific representative or submit an enquiry via our website. 

For more information, contact Mathew Hardy, General Manager, Helicopter Sales and Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +61 2 9708 8610

BELL 206L4
325 nm
109 kts
2,119 lbs
337 nm
133 ktas
2,558 lbs
357 nm
122 kts
5,100 lbs
BELL 429
411 nm
150 kts
2,535 lbs
306 nm
125+ kts
1,500 lbs
560 nm
160 kts
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