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Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft and Components

Lead by the accomplished pilot and successful entrepreneur Christian Dries, Diamond Aircraft has quickly expanded their range from a single motor glider to a diverse range of innovative personal and business aircraft. This expansion demonstrates Dries’ commitment to developing aircraft that pilots really want to fly.

Diamond Aircraft’s two-seater piston-props are ideal for flexible travel for business and pleasure, with their short take-off and excellent fuel efficiency. Hawker Pacific offers Diamond Aircraft sales throughout Australia and New Zealand. We also offer Diamond Aircraft components and regular servicing to keep your aircraft operating at its peak.

Introducing the Diamond Range of Affordable Aircraft:

  • DA20-C1 – The 2 seater DA20 is the sports car of the sky, boasting outstanding performance and economy. Based off the glider design they’re a joy to fly.
  • DA40-CS - The perfect training platform, fitted with a Lycoming engine. The DA40 CS comes with a long list of optional extras, so it can be tailored to suit any purpose.
  • DA40 NG - The DA40 New Generation is equipped with an Austro Engine AE300 turbo charged diesel motor. A highly popular aircraft utilised worldwide for civilian and military flight training. With it’s ultra-modern design and avionics, the DA40 NG is also an ideal entry level aircraft for the owner operator pilot. The most economical in its class.
  • DA40-Tundra Star – This Austro Engine equipped highly capable aircraft with its heavy duty landing gear, longer wheelbase accompanied by larger wheels and tyres is ideal for the harsh conditions of outback Australia. This is you ‘go anywhere’ aircraft.
  • DA42-VI – Powered by two Jet A1 burning AE300 turbo diesel engines, the DA42-VI will allow you to enjoy improved performance while significantly lowering your operating costs. With over 1200nm range, robust undercarriage, auto feathering props and FADEC, the DA42-VI is an example of a modernised aircraft.
  • DA62 - With a spacious cabin seating up to 7 people, a top speed of 200kts and a maximum range exceeding 1300nm, the twin engine diesel DA62 is the future for private and charter operators.  

Diamond Aircraft currently in development:

aircraft logodiamond distributor logo

  • DA20i Katana – Powered by a Rotax motor, will combine the proven DA20 airframe with modern aerodynamic and avionics upgrades along with an economical fuel injected Rotax engine.
  • DA50-JP7 - a single engine turbine which boasts the most economical figures in its class, the DA50 will be based off the DA62’s widened and lengthened fuselage.
  • D-Jet – The single engine turbo fan D-Jet will allow economical and safe jet travel at speeds of up to 600kmph.

For more information contact, please contact Joe Roberson, Diamond Aircraft Sales Executive at joe.robersonThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +61 2 9708 8636 or +61 466 506 942


729 nm
126 kts
893 nm
143 kts
882 lbs
940 nm
154 kts
904 lbs
1,215 nm
197 kts
1,299 lbs
1,283 nm
201 kts
1,565 lbs
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