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2012 BELL 429IGW


Corporate interior, Dual pilot, Rotor brake, ELT (Artex C406-NHM), Air conditioning, Traffic advisory system, Weather radar, Aux. fuel tank, Fuel filler area protector, Cabin soundproofing, Bose A20 headsets with Bluetooth, plus much more.


USD$ 5,500,000 + GST
429 IGW
Corporate Interior
Dual Pilot
Corporate Interior Trim with Plush Wool Carpets (For Use with Dual Pilot Controls)
Corporate Headliner with Led Lights,
Adjustable Air Conditioning Vents
And Colour Coordinated Leather Trim
Corporate 5-Place Club Seating With 1 Centre Console
Side Arm Rests, 3-Point Restraint System, Quick Release
Automatic Door Openers
Crew & Passenger (2 Door Kit) (AAI)
ELT (Artex C406-NHM)
Rotor Brake Equipment
Articulated Landing Light (Required For Cat. A Operations)
Inlet Barrier Filter 1
200 Amp Starter Generator (Dual) (Required For Cat. A Operations)
Increased Capacity Battery (53 Amph) (Cat. A Compliant)
Dual Pilot Controls Equipment (Does Not Include Co-Pilot Head Set) (Required For Dual Pilot Operation)
Compressor Wash Kit
3rd Display Unit & 2nd Standby Compass (Required For Dual Pilot IFR)
Traffic Advisory System (Avidyne TAS620)
Dual Evaporator Air Conditioning With Manual Controls
Bleed Air Heater Equipment
Weather Radar (Primus 660)
Disconnects & ICS Fixed Provisions.
Aux. Fuel Tank Equipment (39 Us Gal.)
Aft Bulkhead Closeout Panel with Soundproofing
Fuel Filler Area Protector (AAI)
Cabin Soundproofing
IGW Transport Canada Certified Required Kits:
Radar Altimeter Kit
Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data RecorderKit
GNS-530W Kit
GNS 530W HTAWS Upgrade
Forward Flashing Light Kit

Bose A20 Headsets with Bluetooth (Qty. 7) Note: Aircraft Powered Headsets with LEMO jacks
Re-Wire ICS, passenger seats and crew, for aircraft powered headsets with LEMO jacks
Dark Tint "Limo" on cabin windows
Flight Displays Dual 10.2 in. Low Profile Ceiling Mount Fold down Monitors / Monitors mounted Back to Back
PAV-80 AM, FM, CD, MP3, DVD Player Note: Interfaced to Ceiling Monitors.
FlightCell Satellite phone/Mobile phone/Flight Tracking system
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