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2013 Bell 407GX



417 hours
Rolls Royce 250-C47B
417 hours
Garmin G1000H Flight Deck w/SVT & HTAWS
New USB chargers installed in cockpit and cabin
Garmin GTX33H Mode S Transponder w/TIS
Genesys Aerosystems HeliSaS 2-axis Autopilot
Garmin GTS 800 TAS
Garmin GMA350H Audio Panel
Aft 5-place ICS wired for standard headset jacks
Artex 406Mhz ELT
Tail Rotor Camera (displayed on MFD)
7-place leather corporate seating with corporate armrest, and corporate soundproofing.
Interior coverings are sand leather with color coordinated carpet flooring and seatbelts.
Jet black pearl base with slate gray pearl & Spanish gold pearl accents w/clearcoat.
Main rotor blades are finished with high viz markings. Finish is in excellent condition.
Air Comm Dual Evap Air Conditioning
Wire Strike Protection System
Air Comm Bleed Air Heater Kit w/Chin Bubble Defrost
Aux Tank Provisions
Rotor Brake & Dual Controls
High Skid Gear w/Flitesteps
LED Interior & Exterior Lighting
Inlet Barrier Filter w/Access Door
AAI Fuel Filler Protector Kit
AAI Crew & Cabin Floor Protector Kits
AAI Crew, Cabin, & Baggage Door Opener Kits
New AAI “Spacemaker” Baggage Extender Kit
New Baggage Floor Protector Kit
AAI Tail Rotor Pedal Safety Kit
New AAI Sliding Window Lock Kit
New AAI Pre-Flight Kit w/Folding Steps

Ground handling wheels, duals, engine red gear, and blade tie-downs included. No known damage history. Component Status Report available upon request. Aircraft will be delivered out of Bell facility in Prague, Czech Republic w/fresh 12-month airframe inspection included. Price also includes 1 year of CAMP maintenance tracking at no cost, and one 407 pilot transition course at the Bell Training Academy.
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