Hawker Pacific Presents:

The Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Experience
Australia 30 July - 6 August 2017

Where to next?

Hawker Pacific would like to invite you to experience the
unveiling of a benchmark for private aviation.

Introducing the Cessna Citation Sovereign+, featuring class-leading short take-off
and supreme performance and enhanced technologies. The Citation Sovereign+
encompasses the next great leap for today's business leaders.

Join Hawker Pacific as they present this visionary corporate jet.


push new boundaries

Range enhancing winglets coupled with
the supreme power of Pratt & Whitney
PW306D turbofan engines allows a greater
flight distance, smaller airport landings
and an exhilarating take-off. Go further
than you have before with a 3,200nm range.

See Flight Range


bring the boardroom

Comfortably accommodate your passengers
with large, plush leather seating. Avoid
compromise with an external baggage
compartment boasting a 650kg capacity.


an executive decision

Choose from a premium selection of
distinct, luxury interiors. comfortable
double-club leather seats, a spacious
private lavatory and a bespoke galley
section will see you arriving refreshed
and focused.


an enhanced perspective

Equip your pilot's with unsurpassed situational
awareness. The Citation Sovereign+ is armed
with Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT),
detail moving map imagery, electronic
charts, traffic surveillance, terrain awareness
and intuitive touch-screen control.

Fully integrated auto-throttles and on-board
flight management systems as standard reduce
the your pilot's immediate work load,
allowing for greater prioritisation of tasks.

  • slider image height
    Length: 63 ft 6 in (19.35 m)
  • slider image length
    Height: 20ft 4 in (6.20 m)
  • slider image wingspan
    Wingspan: 72 ft 4 in(22.04 m)
Sydney Map
Canberra Map
Adelaide Map
Brisbane Map
Perth Map
Darwin Map
Auckland Map

Assumptions: Range based on 4 passengers, 2 pilots
General: Zero Winds, ISA Conditions, Great Circle Distances

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