Values Statement

Value Competency Behaviour
Safety Safety is our #1 priority Create & maintain a safe work environment for our people, customers, suppliers and community (all stakeholders).
Compliance Products & services we provide to our customers are in compliance with Company requirements.
Respect Respect Treat others with respect.
Value people We make people feel valued and appreciated.
Environment Respect the environment we work and live in.
Focus Customer focus We demonstrate unwavering customer focus.
Commitment We do what we say we will do.
Continual improvement We commit to continual improvement and the efficiency of our processes and procedures for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Integrity Communication Practice open and honest communication with all stakeholders without fear or favour.
Integrity We conduct ourselves in an ethical, professional and legal manner at all times.
Accountability Accountability We accept accountability for our actions and the results we get.
Risk mitigation Recognise that the application of risk analysis and treatment actions are essential to our success
Performance Performance improvements We measure results and work actively to improve the performance of self and others.
Training & feedback Helping people to do their best through understanding, support, training and honest feedback.
Standards We set and achieve demanding performance standards for ourselves and our team.
Sustainable value We focus on delivery of long term and sustainable value.
Financial targets Achieve financial targets.
Initiative We approach each task with forethought and enthusiasm to get the job done right first time.
Innovation Explore new and innovative ideas to present efficient, cost effective business solutions for our customers