Hawker Pacific Special Missions

Hawker Pacific Special Missions is the most comprehensive design engineering organisation in the Asia Pacific region, holding Australian CASA Part 21M, New Zealand CAA Part 146 and Papua New Guinea CASA Part 146 approvals covering the design of modifications and repairs to airframes structures, components, avionics systems and Flight Manuals.

Hawker Pacific Special Missions provides design and project management services locally and internationally, specialising in special mission fit outs (fixed and rotary wing, civil, paramilitary and military), airline reconfigurations (including B737, B747, B767 and A320), and Government agency fleet services and in-service support.

Hawker Pacific Special Missions holds a number of Australian (CASA), and Canadian (TC) Supplemental Type Certificates.

Hawker Pacific Special Missions Brochure

Special Mission Capabilities

Aeromedical Solutions

Airline Interiors

Special Mission Solutions

Super Puma Auxiliary Fuel Tank

In Service Support

STCs Include:

  • Transport Canada STC# A-LSH97-009, AS332L Super Puma Auxiliary (Seat) Fuel Tank
  • CASA STC# ASR006SY, R22 / R44 Collective Lock
  • CASA STC# ASA097SY, B300 Modified (4 Point Harness) Executive Seat
  • CASA STC# ASA098SY, B300 Cabin Utility (Level) Floor
  • CASA STC# ASA099SY, B300 Cabin Utility Interior
  • CASA STC# ASA113SY, B200 Compressor Wash Drain
  • CASA STC# SVA512, B300 Compressor Wash Drain
  • CASA STC# SVA537, B200/B300 Utility (Aero Med) Aircraft Modifications
  • CASA STC# SVA543, B200 Aircraft (Aero Med) Interior Modifications, and
  • CASA STC# SVA544, B200 Aero med Modifications

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Hawker Pacific Special Missions Customers

10 air new zealand

Air New Zealand

07 altitude

Altitude Aerospace Interiors

05 ambulance

Ambulance Service of NSW

08 ambulance victoria

Ambulance Victoria

04 army

Australian Army

01 martiemsafety

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

03 australian airforce

Royal Australian Air Force

15 BAE systems

BAE System

19 CHC


18 Cougar


06 departmentofdefence

Defense Science and Technology Organisation

17 Helicopyers Australia

Helicopters Australia

11 nsw police

New South Wales Police Services

14 Oasis


13 Polis draja malaysia

Polis Diraja Malaysia

09 qantas

Qantas Defense Services

00 flying doctors

Royal Flying Doctor Service

12 Thadles Australia

Thales Australia

16 victoria police

Victoria Police

Bond Aviation

Bond Aviation Group