Hawker Pacific and Genesys Aerosystems are pleased to offer you the HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System for light and medium helicopters bringing the tremendous safety and workload reduction advantages of stability augmentation, once reserved for military and transport category helicopters only. HeliSAS sets a new standard for helicopter safety and productivity. It dramatically reduces pilot workload while providing precise control during all modes of flight with unmatched stability and ease of handling.

Recent research conducted by the International Helicopter Safety Team lists the top 2 occurrences during fatal helicopter accidents as loss of control and visibility issues.

This system is CASA approved in accordance with the recent amendment to CAO 20.18 - Aircraft equipment - Basic operational requirements

HeliSAS is available in three configurations to address a variety of mission requirements:

  • 1. Stability Augmentation System Only
  • 2. Stability Augmentation System with Beep Trim
  • 3. Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot with Beep Trim

This system is currently installed under an FAA STC for the following aircraft models:

  • Robinson R44
  • Bell Helicopter 206B, 206L series and 407
  • Airbus Helicopters EC130B4, EC130T2, AS 350 B/BA/D/B1/B2, AS 350 B3/B3e

Unique HeliSAS Features

  • Reduced Pilot Workload
    • With autopilot engaged, other cockpit duties can be performed hands-free
  • Increased Stability
    • Automatically recover to a neutral attitude simply by releasing the cyclic
  • Much lighter than existing helicopter SAS and autopilots < 16 lbs vs. 50 lbs+ for other current systems
  • Much lower cost than existing helicopter SAS and autopilots
  • Low cost and lightweight achieved with parallel servo architecture; does not require removal and replacement of flight control rods
  • Provides safety, safety, safety to helicopter environment
  • Two-Axis Attitude Based System
    • Attitude Source – External Panel Gyro or AHRS
    • Axis Control – Roll and Pitch Servo Motors attached stick
  • “SAS” in HeliSAS - Stability Augmentation System
    • Provide basic Roll and Pitch stabilization assistance
  • “SAS” intended use?
    • Can be activated prior to liftoff
    • Operated during all modes of flight
    • Deactivated after touchdown
  • Other part of HeliSAS – Autopilot Functions
    • Selected via HeliSAS Control Panel (HCP)
    • HDG, NAV, BC, ALT, VRT

Installation is limited to dealers only such as Hawker Pacific. Please contact us on the address below for a free competitive quote which includes the entire installation from component sales, avionics and airframe installation / modification all carried out by Hawker Pacific’s trained staff under the one roof to the highest standards. For owners and operators who cannot get to one of our facilities in Cairns, Bankstown or Auckland NZ we can also discuss carrying out this installation at your location.

For more information and a demonstration of the HeliSAS system please see the below video’s

Helisas 1 Helisas 2