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The Citation® M2® jet is the ultimate combination of beauty and efficiency. The M2® is the entry level jet that pilots have been asking for. Perfect for corporate, charter or private use, the M2® features a redesigned interior with excellent in-cabin technologies, updated touch-controlled avionics suited for a single pilot and two powerful Williams FJ44 engines, facilitating cruising speed of up to 400 knots.



The autopilot system makes flying easy, consistent and enjoyable.


NextGen-capable Garmin G3000 avionics offer touch-screen capabilities for intuitive control and easy operation.


Our best-in-class standard features provide aesthetics and comfort through club configuration and a forward-facing seat.

Technical - Front


Williams engines deliver reliable, efficient maintenance and lower direct operating costs.


A class-leading combination of extended range and high and hot takeoff field length gives you more landing options.

landing Gear

The landing gear’s rugged trailing-link design provides soft landings and smooth taxiing.

Front and Rear

Never leave anything behind with a combined front and rear baggage capacity of 725 pounds.

Technical - Side
Travel in Style and Comfort

Travel in Style
and Comfort

The Citation® M2® interior’s elegance matches its comfort. Eight large windows emphasize the spaciousness of the cabin. The interior layout provides seating for up to seven passengers to work and relax comfortably. Stay connected with optional high-speed internet and phone.

Precision at
Your Command

The Garmin G3000 avionics feature user-friendly touch screens made for intuitive control. The Synthetic Vision Technology (SVTTM) display provides a clear, concise picture of your flying environment. Designed with the single pilot in mind, the ergonomic flight deck makes every control available at a glance, increasing your efficiency and reducing your workload.

Precision at Your Command


Specs - Front Wingspan 47 ft 3 in (14.40 m)
Height 13 ft 11 in (4.24 m) Specs - Side Length 42 ft 7 in (12.98 m)

Length - 42 ft 7 in (12.98 m)

Height - 13 ft 11 in (4.24 m)

Wingspan - 47 ft 3 in (14.40 m)

Wing Area - 240 sq ft (22.3 sq m)

Wing Sweep - 0.0 degrees

Wheelbase - 15 ft 4 in (4.67 m)

Tread - 13 ft (3.96 m)

Maximum Ramp Weight - 10,800 lb (4,899 kg)

Maximum Takeoff Weight - 10,700 lb (4,853 kg)

Maximum Landing Weight - 9,900 lb (4,491 kg)

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight - 8,400 lb (3,810 kg)

Usable Fuel Weight - 3,296 lb (1,495 kg)

Usable Fuel Volume - 492 gal (1,862 l)

Basic Operating Weight - 6,990 lb (3,171 kg)

Useful Load - 3,810 lb (1,728 kg)

Maximum Payload - 1,410 lb (640 kg)

Full Fuel Payload - 514 lb (233 kg)

Maximum Cruise Speed - 404 ktas (748 km/h)

Maximum Range - 1,550 nm (2,871 km)

Takeoff Field Length - 3,210 ft (978 m)

Landing Distance - 2,590 ft (789 m)

Maximum Operating Altitude - 41,000 ft (12,497 m)

Maximum Climb Rate - 3,698 fpm (1,127 mpm)

Maximum Limit Speed - 0.71 Mach (0.71 Mach)

Manufacturer - Williams International

Model - FJ44-1AP-21

Thrust - 1,965 lb (8.74 kN)

Height - 57 in (1.45 m)

Width - 58 in (1.47 m)

Length - 11 ft (3.35 m)

Maximum Passangers - 7

Single Pilot Certified - Yes

Weight - 725 lb (328.9 kg)

Volume - 46 cu ft (1.29 cu m)

Sydney Map
Canberra Map
Adelaide Map
Brisbane Map
Perth Map
Darwin Map

Assumptions: 2 Passengers (182Kgs), 2 Pilots, Zero Winds, ISA Conditions, Great Circle Distances

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