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Aircraft Management

Owners Benefits

Join Hawker Pacific’s Aircraft Management program and benefit from a seamless and cost-efficient way to own an aircraft.

You give us your schedule and we do the rest, it is that easy. From the recruiting of the crew, the planning of trips and maintenance intervals to the procurement of fuel, insurance and catering services, we take care of everything. Even the cost administration and the paperwork is done by us.


Every month, you get a comprehensive but compact report with graphics that gives you all the relevant information around the operation your aircraft.

Pilot's Benefits

Our dispatchers support you with much more than just the latest flight plan and weather information. A 365/24/7 operational support team is flight-following your trip and anticipating the next steps, thus reducing hassle and stress for the crew, in air and on the ground. We help you to find the best deals on flight training and refresher courses, crew travel and hotel accommodation, crew credit cards and expense accounting, just to name a few. If you are the person in charge of the operation, we can provide you with in-depth analysis and any type of support you required, all in an quality and process-controlled environment.

Aircraft Management - Electronic Brochure

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Learn more about Aircraft Management here